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Custom Cottages began building custom mobile shelters to serve those who enjoy fishing, hunting and camping. The objective of Custom Cottages is to provide one shelter that can be used for all of these pursuits. Many companies build shelters and campers that cater to one facet of these pastimes, but one Custom Cottage can serve all. If you are an angler, a hunter, or just someone who likes to be in the middle of the great outdoors, a Custom Cottage provides the ultimate shelter.


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Jarret Behm | Montana

If you are into ice fishing like I am, Custom Cottages is the way to go. With their extreme lightweight and quality design you need to take the time and check them out, you will not be disappointed!!

Andy Loos | Host - HuntFish TV

I  have been in the outdoor sporting goods industry for quite sometime and every once in a while there comes a product that redefines innovation and here it is! I've been in all types of shantys', shacks for fishing and for hunting, I won't be in anything else but a Custom Cottage...ever! & neither will you...get in one and see for yourself! Top notch and well thought out, guaranteed!

Scotty King | Fishing HotSpots Inc.

We had a 6.5' by 12' wheelhouse for several years. Knowing what I didn't like about it, I searched for something better. I wanted to find something wider, with an all aluminum trailer frame and spray foam insulation. After a trip to Jordan to meet Eric at Custom Cottages, we knew our new wheelhouse would come from there. Eric was great, he understood what we wanted and customized a house to fit our needs. Our new cottage is a 12' with a V- front. Let me say that the V- front and the extra width makes a HUGE difference in function and comfort of a fish house!

Customer From Minnesota


fter years of trying to convince my frugal wife that I needed an ice shack, a camper, and a covered trailer, I finally found a compromise. Last Spring I discovered Custom Cottages. They promised me a unit that could haul a load, serve as an ice-house in the winter, and also a camper in the summer. Being a reasonable man, I was, at first, skeptical that a trailer could serve so many purposes. But after 6 months of owning it, I couldn't be happier with the product or the service.

My custom cottage is a durable, and well insulated, ice house. It is an excellent trailer for hauling with a built in ramp and tandem axels for heavy hauling and a comfy cabin for camping. But besides these things, it has also become a guest house, occasionally extra storage space. You could call it a Man-Cave.

Its first adventure was down to New Mexico to help my daughter move back to South Dakota. On the way home, we ran into a rare high desert snow storm. There was 6" of slippery slush on the interstate. I was amazed at how the trailer pulled right through the mess and stayed on the road when so many others couldn't keep their 4x4s alone on track. I've taken it camping a few times. I'm not going to lie, we get a lot of 'looky-lous'. But they are always impressed that my custom cottage has everything their $100K rigs have; including A/C, a porta-potty, lights, a comfy bed, and plenty of additional storage. I would recommend this multi-purpose cottage to anyone looking for an economical way to satisfy a man's sometimes expensive hobbies. And my wife will vouch for the value as well. So Thank You to Eric and the guys.

Mike | northernelectric.coop

Custom is everything we could have imagined our mobile shelter to be. When we decided to sell our 21 year old skid fish house and find something on wheels that we could incorporate into using year around for fishing, hunting and toy hauling, we didn't think it was possible until we heard what Custom Cottages was all about. Creating a shelter that was aluminum, spray foamed, electric retractable tandem axel system and cedar paneled interior made this shelter feel like a light weight cabin on wheels. After our first trip to meet Eric we were convinced that if we could put down on paper what we wanted in a mobile shelter he would make it happen. Eric and his crew took every one of our ideas and designed a 22' V-front mobile shelter that included two flat screen TVs with satellite reception, remote radio system, kitchen area that included a sink, microwave, gas stove, oven, hood vent, built-in refrigerator, full back dining booth, "Happy Jack" queen size bed system and two fold out guest bunks. They even created an insulted blanket to put on the toy hauler back door to keep out any cold drafts winter winds could bring and added a screen covering for that door so we can enjoy the evenings with our drop down door open in the spring/summer, tie downs so we could haul our motor cycle or four-wheeler and an awning to shelter us from the sun's heat in the summer. We now own a Custom Cottage shelter that will meet all our needs and be enjoyed for many years to come. Thank you Eric for not saying, "It couldn't be done." So far we have enjoyed one fishing season and had many visits by people wanting to view this incredible shelter set-up. We were definitely "party central". As a newly retired couple there are no limits as to what adventures or where we could be taking this mobile shelter. God bless everyone at Custom Cottages that helped make our dream a reality.

Bruce and Kathy from Elk River, Minnesota

About Us

Eric - CEO/R&D

Company owner Eric Bongard has spent nearly a decade developing the industry's finest
mobile shelter products. Because 100% customer satisfaction is the company's aim, Eric still performs the final inspection on every Custom Cottage that leaves his shop. Customer consultations, welding, field-testing… Eric does it all.

Gary - Master Carpenter/Electrician

Gary brings over 40 years of experience as an carpenter, electrician and machinist in both the construction and aviation trades to Custom Cottages. There isn't any stage in the build that doesn't have Gary's fingerprints on it, which is great news for customers. Gary doesn't settle for anything less than perfect.

Nutsy - Master Carpenter

Nutsy brings decades of experience as a carpenter and builder to Custom Cottages. From interior layout, design, build-out and finish work, Nutsy can handle it all. He ensures that the inside and outside of all Custom Cottages look the very best in the industry.

Kevin - Sales, Shop Management

Kevin wears many hats. From sales to shop management, he's also a skilled craftsman who can jump into the production process at any point and lend a hand.

Krissy - Sales/Customer Service

Krissy Bongard brings over 20 years of experience with large corporate clients to her role at Custom Cottages. As sales and customer service manager, Krissy maintains that every customer has a positive experience. Krissy can help put you in touch with a reputable lender, as well as ensure that your Custom Cottage is delivered on time and budget!

Pat - Welder/Utility Man
Dennis - Utility Man
Jim - Utility Man
Kyle - Intern

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At Custom Cottage we work with our special partners to keep on top of sportsmen's needs. As we become aware of applications that fit our product line, we guarantee we will introduce them to you.

Custom Cottages began building custom mobile shelters to serve those who enjoy fishing, hunting and camping. The objective of Custom Cottages is to provide one shelter that can be used for all of these pursuits.