Whether you fish, hunt or just have a passion for the outdoors, we can provide a custom shelter for your needs. 

A Custom Cottage is a multi-season mobile shelter for hunting, fishing, camping, construction sites, overflow visitors, and more! Custom Cottages provide a strong, lightweight, and easy-to-move solution any time there's a need for a comfortable mobile shelter. We aim to provide outstanding customer service and answer any questions you might have. If further information is needed on any of our mobile shelters, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly customer service associates will be more than happy to assist you.

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Every Custom Cottage is built to last a lifetime. The all-aluminum alloy frame is hand welded at every seam to ensure quality. With an all-aluminum alloy frame there will be no rusting issues and no frame deterioration due to road salt. The retractable wheel system eliminates the hand crank making tire retraction a simple procedure in all climates and is the most dependable system of any mobile shelter.

Custom Cottages mobile shelters are the lightest in the industry due to our all-aluminum construction.
This means a Custom Cottage is easy to tow and easy to move. While others require a truck or SUV to put them in the proper location, a Custom Cottage can be positioned with an ATV, a huge benefit when setting the shelter in areas where a full-sized vehicle has no access.

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Custom Cottages began building custom mobile shelters to serve those who enjoy fishing, hunting and camping. The objective of Custom Cottages is to provide one shelter that can be used for all of these pursuits.