The Skid Cottages

Skid Cottages
The Skid Cottages have been utilized by resort owners who want to add rental space without building permanent structures.

Custom Cottages not only builds the finest mobile shelters on wheels, we also build skid-style cottages that can be slid on runners over ice or land. This is for the individual that wants a stationary shelter that can be used on the ice for fishing, used on a work site for a base of Skid Interioroperation, used on hunting land as a camp, used by lakeshore owners to expand their livable square footage without building a permanent structure or for any purpose that does not require a unit on wheels.

Skid Cottages can also be customized to the user's needs. One of the beauties of the Skid Cottages is the price because there are no wheels or jacks to raise and lower the unit.

We don't compromise the construction features of the Skid Cottage. They are the same as the Custom Cottage Mobile Shelters.

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