The Building Process

About Custom Cottages

Our mission is to build the last mobile shelter you will ever need to purchase. Custom Cottages will not only build the shelter of your dreams, we can customize it to your needs. We guarantee that a Custom Cottage mobile shelter will be of the highest quality materials and construction standards. When you own a Custom Cottage you will have the best mobile shelter available putting you in a position where every outing is enjoyable.

Standard Construction Features

At Custom Cottages we take care in providing a unit that has all of the standard construction features that will provide a lightweight, durable, and long-lasting shelter that will serve the needs of the active outdoor user. Yet, we are a custom builder and can incorporate any additional features that will be necessary for your requirements. We are not a production line operation and we put our tender loving care into every unit we build. The following are the standard features you will find in our Custom Cottages.

    Fish House Aluminum Frame
  • All-Aluminum Alloy Frame and Shell
  • Hand TIG Welded
  • 3/4" Marine-Grade Dry-Treated Plywood for Flooring
  • All Insulation is Spray Foam
  • Heavy-Duty Wiring
  • All LED lighting – Interior and Exterior – LP Gas Lights Optional
  • 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Tubular Trusses
  • 1/4-inch Cedar Four-Ply Plywood Sanded and Lacquered
  • All Custom Cedar Trim
  • .060 One-Piece Rubber Roof Membrane
  • .063 Aluminum Diamond Plate Rock Guard
  • Three (3) 3500-Pound Barker Power Jacks for Lifting and Leveling
  • Hand Crank Fail Safe Backup Standard Feature on Power Jacks
  • Pella® Low-E Argon-Filled Premium Windows
  • Solid RV Door
  • All Fasteners Exposed To The Exterior Are Stainless Steel
  • Cook-top and Range-Hood Standard; Oven/Stove Combo Optional
  • 30 Amp Parallax Converter Charging System
  • Inverter and Solar Panels Optional
  • Exterior 100-volt Generator Hookup
  • Dual LP Pressure Regulator with Auto Switch via 20-, 30- or 40-Pound Cylinders
  • Bluetooth-enabled Stereo CD and DVD Player - Wired for Satellite
  • Custom Cedar Cabinetry
  • Heating Option #1: Empire DV-215 15,000 BTU Direct Vent Furnace - Thermostatically Controlled
  • Heating Option #2: Suburban Forced Air 20,000 BTU Furnace – Thermostatically Controlled
  • Interior 120-volt Outlets – Four Come Standard
  • Quick Change Wheel Hub and Spindle with Single Pin Removal
  • All Steel Wheel Box Components Hot-Dipped and Galvanized
  • 205/75 15 in C or D Range Tires (shelter size dependent)
  • Electric Brakes on 3,000 Pound or Larger Unit; Two 25/75/15 E Range Tires Available
  • Storage Closet/Bathroom Standard Feature in Cottage Models
  • Easy Access of all 12-volt Wiring including Tail Lights
  • Complies with all National Trailer Specifications
  • .050 Enamel Baked Aluminum Outer Skin
  • 2" X 6" Rectangular Tube Main Frame
  • 1 1/2" Square X 1/8" Wall Thickness Aluminum Alloy Tube for Wall Studs
  • Wall Cavity is 2 1/2" Thick
  • Carbon Monoxide/ LP Leak Detector
  • Marine Grade Carpet
  • Catch Covers® in all Ice Fishing Models
  • Huge Spring-Loaded Drop Door on Rear of Sportsman's Cottage for ATV or Other Large-Item Loading
  • Rear Dinette Transitions Into a Large Size Bed
  • All Electric Jacks Conservatively Rated to -30 Degrees Below Zero